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IOWWA's Mission

"To protect Iowa's water resources, support our members, encourage professionalism, and promote consistent application of onsite wastewater services through continuing education."


We are excited to provide this informative web site as a service to our members and the public. The web site has a very easy to use search function to find members based on a zip code search, with access to members with the Certified Installer Onsite Waste Water Treatment Systems (CIOWTS) certification.  CIOWTS credentialed members are also IOWWA Board Certified Installers.  You are able to preview and register on-line for upcoming training events.  The site also allows you to sign up and pay your membership dues on-line.  


Since inception in 1999, the Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association (IOWWA) works to educate its members and public about the benefits of quality onsite wastewater treatment. IOWWA is one of the largest state organizations in the country focused on the onsite wastewater industry. Our members number more than 400 and include regulators, installation contractors, maintenance contractors, soil scientists, engineers, manufacturers and educators.  Join now or renew your membership using the on-line membership application!

Membership starts from the date joined through the end of the calendar year and must be paid yearly.    To check your membership status, please enter your zip code in the member search field.   If your name is not listed, membership would need to be renewed for the current year.


Need to locate a septic product supplier, service provider or onsite wastewater professional in your area? IOWWA's Member Search is the perfect resource to find onsite wastewater industry professionals. You can enter your zip code on the right hand side of this page or click here.


This past year, the IOWWA Board worked on designing a Homeowner Education Folder for our members to purchase and hand out while servicing or installing new septic systems.  The folder has information for the specifics of the system and household, a maintenance record section, installer / designer / maintenance provider information, information on how to locate a septic system, DO & DONTS of maintaining a septic system, and a place to add the diagram of the system as well as your contact information.  The folder was also designed with a pocket so you can add other information as well.  You can purchase these folders for $1.00 per folder in increments of 10.  You can have them directly shipped to you or you can pick them up from one of your Board members, just specify your preferred method of delivery at the time of order.  To order, you can print out and complete the Order Form in the "Documents & Files" section on the right.   Either mail or fax it to IOWWA at the address below, or contact Alice Vinsand by phone, 515-225-1051 / Fax 515-225-8187.

10927 Lincoln Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50325


Check out the new IOWWA video web site by clicking the link, IOWWA Videos.  The site provides thumbnail images, by subject matter, for various IOWWA activities.   Upon clicking the thumbnail, you will be able to view the video.     Additional information is available on the IOWWA Conference page as well as the Habitat for Humanity page.

SepticSmart Homeowner Education Program

Nov., 2012 - The Environmental Protection Agency has just rolled out SepticSmart, a long-awaited national program to promote proper septic system care and maintenance by homeowners.    Full details can be found at the EPA's SepticSmart web page

This program, which was initially suggested by NOWRA and other members of EPA's Decentralized Wastewater Management Partnership, provides a range of tools (including many in Spanish), for industry practitioners and local governments to help educate homeowners. Some of the tools in the kit are designed to be printed and distributed locally. Others are electronic-based.   

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

August 30, 2012 - We received notification from the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources regarding changes to Chapter 68 and 69 regulations.  New versions of IAC5567-Chapter 68, "Commercial Septic Tank Cleaners" and IAC567-Chapter 69, "Private Sewage Disposal Systems" have been adopted.   A summary of the changes as well as the new versions of Chapter 68 and 69 can be found on the IOWWA "Links" page.  If you have questions, please contact Daniel Olson, RS, Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources, Phone 515-281-8263 or email Daniel.Olson@dnr.iowa.gov.


IOWWA Policy

It is the policy of the Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association (IOWWA) that no individual be excluded from any association activity based on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability.