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WWETT SHOW - Mon. Feb. 21 Registration Opens 9:00 AM; Tues., Feb. 22, Registration Opens 6:30 AM; Wed. Feb. 23, Registration Opens 7:00 AM. Conference and registration details: https://www.wwettshow.com/en/home
Location: Indiana Convention Center, 100 S. Capitol Ave. Indianapolis, IN
Cost: Members: $0.00 / Non-Members: $0.00   Membership Information

WWETT Show - Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport. When you select the "Register Now' button, you will be directed to the WWETT Show website.  

IOWWA is offering continuing education approval for the Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (CIOWTS) credential.   From the WWETT Show home page, select "Education" and select the Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association.   The list shows those sessions that are approved for the CIOWTS credential.  

Continuing Education Process:  All attendees must register for approved sessions (preselect your classes) and get scanned at the door of each session.   Register + scan = proof of attendance/receive credit.

For all attendees from Iowa, continuing education sessions will be submitted electronically to IOWWA by the WWETT Show.  

An email notification will be sent approximately six weeks post show with instructions to download your certificates of completion.