2019 Conference Photo Caption Contest Winner!

The winner for the 2019 Annual Conference Photo Caption Contest is Kent Irwin, Guthrie County Health Services, Guthrie Center IA.

How do I get my glasses out of there without making a scene!

Lucky past winners are:  Jon Cornish, West Central Services (2017 conference photo caption contest);  Steve Anderson, Kossuth County Environmental Health (spring 2017 photo caption contest); Margaret Jaynes, Story County Environmental Health (summer 2017 photo caption contest) and Nate Tirevold, Beemer Companies (fall l2017 photo caption contest); Jayme Arkfeld, Arkfeld Water Services (2018 conference photo caption contest); and Carie Sager, Grundy County Zoning/Environmental Health (spring 2018 photo caption contest), Katie Resor, R & R Septic Solutions (fall 2018 photo caption contest).