Questions about the Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Program

When NEHA sunsets the CIOWTS program on December 31, 2017 does that mean I will no longer have the credential?
The CIOWTS credential will still be in effect.   
NEHA and the IOWWA will still recognize the credential.   The CIOWTS test just will no longer be offered through NEHA.

Can I still be certified after December 31, 2017?
Yes, the IOWWA will be continuing the CIOWTS program in the state of Iowa. 

How long is the CIOWTS credential cycle?
The credential cycle starts on the first day of the month that you took the test.    The credential runs on a two year cycle.    As an example, for someone who tested on March 15th, 2016 the credential cycle would go from 03/01/2016 to 02/28/2018.

Is there a renewal fee at the end of the two year credential cycle?
Yes, there is a renewal fee that needs to be paid prior to the current cycle expiration date.   IOWWA will email/mail an invoice to you.   Currently the Basic Level renewal is $95.00 and Advanced Level renewal is $110.00.

Where do I send my renewal fee to?
If you took the exam through the IOWWA we will send you an invoice for the renewal fee.

Does IOWWA have an online option for paying the CIOWTS renewal fee?
Yes, in the drop down list on the "Credential" tab there is an option to pay the credential renewal online using a credit card.     (If paying by check, the invoice provides that option.)

My CIOWTS application was handled by NEHA and I took my certification exam though them.  Does my renewal now have to go to IOWWA?
No, NEHA is still managing the credential so you will be able to submit your continuing education information and renew your credential with them.

I currently renew my CIOWTS credential with NEHA.   Can I transfer that to the IOWWA?
Yes, IOWWA will track your continuing education hours (if attending IOWWA events) and send you an invoice when your credential cycle is up.  Please note:  If you choose this option, IOWWA will recognize you as being certified and maintain your credential.  However, you will no longer be recognized through NEHA.

Where do I go to find information on the upcoming CIOWTS exam?
You can check on the "Training and Events" tab at or the "Certification" tab.    We also advertise all the workshops, including the CIOWTS exam, in the IOWWA Onsite Observer newsletter as well as sending out email.

When is the next paper/pencil CIOWTS test?
The next paper/pencil test for the CIOWTS credential is scheduled for April 17, 2019 at the Zieglar CAT Education Center, Altoona IA.

Is it mandatory to take the Installation Overview course prior to the CIOWTS test?
No, signing up for the Installation Overview course is optional.   For those who do take the course, they are provided with 12.5 hours of continuing education that can be used for the first two-year credential cycle.

Will I still be able to take the exam on-line?
No, not at this time.  We would like to continue the on-line exam option however that is not an option now.  Please check back for more details as they develop.