IOWWA Conference

IOWWA 25th Annual Conference
Doubletree by Hilton Cedar Rapids Convention Complex
350 First Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids IA

January 10-11, 2024
(Pre-conference - January 9, 2024)



Aaron Thomas, Principal and Head Basketball Coach, Aplington-Parkersburg High School

In his presentations, the words of Aaron Thomas — IOWWA’s January conference keynoter — impact the lives of individuals, their families and their jobs as he challenges his audiences to not just survive but thrive.  The remarkable story of the Thomas family is one of understanding and forgiveness. It’s a demonstration of how to show incredible strength during one’s darkest hours. Due to his father’s accomplishments and the reaction of the Thomas family to its most tragic moments, Aaron and his family were awarded the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at the 2010 ESPY Awards. Aaron also received the Missouri Valley Conference 2010 Most Courageous Award.
Session PresenterAllison Blodig, REHS
Title: Understanding Convenience Store and Truck Stop Wastewater
Convenience store and truckstop wastewater is high strength and conventional systems are rarely a good option but are often utilized.  This approach leads to failures and multiple replacement systems in a short time.  This presentation will look at the challenges of the wastewater stream and offer some examples of wastewater influent and treatment trains that can provide long-lasting solutions.
Commercial Treatment System Installation for Long Term Sustainability
Content: Commercial wastewater treatment systems vary from a simple septic tank and drainfield to more complicated systems with multiple tanks/connections and mechanical operations.  This presentation will list critical installation points and discuss ways to avoid issues that could cause performance and maintenance issues in the field. 
Presenter:  Ben Booth, Iowa One Call
Title: Iowa One Call
This session will review safe excavating and damage prevention.  Ben will also review the Iowa One Call requirements.
Session PresentersWill Boston, Wastewater Supply; Zach Perrin, Cedar Rapids Winpump; and Matt Wilshusen, T.G. Rankin Company
Title: Pumps 101
Content: There are many pump styles based on the application of the opportunity.  We will delve into the application types, come up with the best style of pump (sump, effluent, non-clog, grinders and choppers and more) based on the application and the details of those applications.  We will touch on pump curves, and matching styles of pumps including pump brand specific parts.
Session Presenters:  Trevor Dickerson, Ground N Down LLC and Jim Carroll, P.E., James Carroll Company
Title:  The Basics of What the Soils Are Showing Us
Content:  This session is geared for the new sanitarian and others newly into the on-site wastewater industry.  Topics will cover the basics of soil texture, structure, color and how that relates to determining on-site systems.  Discussion on various soil resources will also be discussed.
Session Presenter: Cory Frank, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
TitleLions, Tigers and the TOT Application
ContentThis session is a reflection of the past 9 months after the introduction of the new "database".  Topics will cover what we have learned from being more transparent.  What we can do better, and also what we are doing well!  Discussion of Ch. 69 revisions will also be discussed. 

Session Presenter:  Claude Goguen, National Precast Concrete Association
Title: Installation & Inspection of Precast Concrete Wastewater Treatment Tanks
The precast concrete tank manufacturer is responsible for supplying a structure that meets and exceeds the applicable requirements.  The tank was designed and produced to perform effectively during a long-life cycle.  That responsibility eventually shifts to the installer and service provider.  These are the topics we will thoroughly go over during this session.  We will share best practices and tips we’ve gained from our over 400 wastewater tank producer members, countless installers, service providers, inspectors and regulators to you ensure the tank performs to its potential.
Session PresenterDr. Sara Heger, University of Minnesota
Title: TSS – Sources, Impacts and Solutions
Content: Total suspended solids (TSS) is found in all wastewater in varying amounts.  The type of facility and activities influence the levels in the raw wastewater.  This presentation will provide an overview of methods of quantifying solids in wastewater and typical levels in raw wastewater.  The sizing of our primary treatment in septic tanks and the use of screens/filters will be discussed.   The reduction of TSS in secondary treatment units such as aerobic units and media filters is another variable impacting TSS.  Microplastics from laundry wastewater will be focused on as potential non-biodegradable solid in our wastewater If the levels are elevated it can impact the clogging of filters/screens, media filters, and soil treatment system.  This presentation will discuss use, design, and management options to reduce the impacts of TSS on system performance and longevity.
Title: Changing Water Usage
Content: This presentation will focus on a study funded by the Water Research Foundation evaluating water use from over 23 utilities and over 1,000 homes showing a 23% reduction in water use since 1999.  The primary sources for the reduction will be discussed along with implications with increased concentrations.  Septic system design and operation considerations will be highlighted.
Title: Compaction - the Enemy of System Longevity
Content: Humans along with all our activities cause widespread soil compaction. Compaction constrains oxygen (O2) movement in the soil and shifts soil toward anaerobic conditions. Less O2 diffusion into the soil leads to a chemically reducing soil environment. Compaction leads to smaller pore spaces and slower infiltration rates.  This presentation will discuss the causes of compaction including wet soils, material handling and the weight of vehicles/equipment, pedestrians, and animals.  It will then focus on avoidance methods and potential solutions for sites have been compacted.
Session Presenters:  Sgt. Jay Kirkpatrick, IA DOT and Rick Miene, Miene Septic Service
 Iowa DOT - Motor Vehicle Enforcement Safety
This session will cover the information on the Iowa Department of Transportation's enforcement on CDL's and pre trip inspections.
Session Presenter: Brady Kolbet, Mid-Tech Services, Inc.
Title: Laser and GPS Equipment for Accuracy and Efficiency

Content: Laser and GPS Solutions for Installers for efficiency and accuracy, whether working alone or with a team. Also discussed will be handling, usage, maintenance and checking calibrations in the field.
Session Presenter:  Sam Lines, MBA, Concrete Sealants, Inc.
Title: Watertight Concrete: From Walls to Joints to Risers
Concrete is a porous building material. Liquids and gas will absorb into the material, and in some cases, seep through. Precast concrete is installed in sections with joints. These joints need to be leak resistant. This course will describe and demonstrate products to improve the watertightness of concrete.
Title: This Ain’t Your Father’s Grease Trap
What we used to call a grease trap is now called a grease interceptor. But more than that, the function of a grease interceptor has evolved. Today, these industrial units are designed to meet an International Standard, ASTM C1613. This course will discuss the important details of the manufacturing standard as well as examine some specific rules in the state of Iowa.
Session PresenterKatie Resor and Robert Shekleton, Waterloo Biofilter Systems, Waterloo Biofilter Systems, PLATINUM PLUS SPONSOR
Title: TSS – Design, Maintenance and Time of Transfer Inspections of Waterloo Biofilter Systems
Content:  During this session, team members of Waterloo Biofilter will discuss how they can help all IOWWA members. Katie Resor and Robert Shekleton will discuss installations in Iowa and the local support network for Installers, Designers, and Sanitarians. The discussion will conclude with commercial options such as High Strength Restaurant Wastewater Treatment.
Presenters: Amber Meixner, Fairfield Precast Concrete; Brandon Rogers, Rogers Septic & Maintenance Service; and Tim Rozendaal, Norm Rozendaal Tiling
Title: Installer Basics 101
An all-around informative class that works for any amount of experience. From the beginner, basic learning to use a level, and refining digging skills. To the expert, learning how to energize your employees to become more efficient installers in the industry. With so much in between.
Session PresentersRick Miene, Miene Septic Services and Wayne Vanden Berge, Advance Pump & Equipment
Title: Tips and Tricks for Septic Pumping
This session will be an open forum in the exhibit hall, walking around equipment and discussing equipment needs, PPE, and ways to improve operations.

Presenters: Katie and Troy Resor, R & R Septic Solutions and Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Env. Health
Title: Installation of Septic Systems with Maintenance in Mind
Investing a small amount of time upfront during the installation can save wasted time and money down the road. It will also eliminate the headaches that you and the service provider will have to deal with. This session will cover small, quick, inexpensive changes to plumbing, electrical and hardware used at the time of installation that will make your life easier later on.  Sampling issues for alternative systems will also be discussed.
Title: The Job's Not Over 'Til the Paperwork is Done
Content: Detailed documentation can save you time, money, and headaches down the road.  For contractors we will talk about tips to improve your time of transfer inspections, invoicing, contracts, and maintenance reports.  We won't forget inspectors either!  We'll touch on ways to enhance your permits, mapping and filing procedures.

Session PresenterDrew Ryken and Kyle Dierolf, Premier Tech Water and Environment - PLATINUM PLUS SPONSOR
Title: Showcasing Ecoflo Septic System Innovations and Its Integrated UV Disinfection System
Learn about the recent innovations of the Ecoflo biofilter, its coconut husk fragments filter and sustainable aspect, installation do's and don'ts, and the advantages of its integrated UV disinfection system. 

Presenters: Jeremy Stolba, James “Doc” Joyce and Andrew Frank, Dave Schmitt Construction
Title: Confined Space Entry
ContentThis session will explain the equipment used, inspection, and setup of equipment.  We'll also cover the procedure of filling out the confined space permit. Discussion will also include properly fitting harnesses, monitoring condition of confined space, entrance and exit of space.

PresentersMatt Wilshusen and Tom Rankin, T. G. Rankin Company
Title: Pumps 102
Content: Going beyond pumps 101, we will be discussing the details of pump sizing and what specific information is needed to provide the best recommendations.  We will delve into the details of pump curves and calculating TDH (Total Dynamic Head). Basin sizing is also a very important part of the picture when sizing pumps and control systems, so let’s spend some time with that too.  Please join us for pumps 102. 

If you are interested in donating items for the 2023 IOWWA Conference Raffle or Auction, please contact Will Boston, Wastewater Supply,   We appreciate your support of IOWWA and the onsite wastewater industry.

2023 ROE-D-HOE CONTEST - Special thanks to Housby Heavy Equipment for sponsoring the Roe-D-Hoe Contest!  A Volvo ECR25 Electric Compact Excavator will be provided by Housby for Roe-D-Hoe contestants.   The first in a new range of electric, compact excavators, this excavator will provide a unique experience for those showing off their skills!

Many opportunities to showcase your company! Event sponsor opportunities are available to all companies for happenings during the conference.  Receive special recognition throughout the conference as well as specific inclusion in the conference program and on the IOWWA website.  A slide show runs continually during the conference highlighting the conference sponsors and exhibitors. Select "Sponsor Contract" to open the 2023 contract.  Or email and request the sponsor contract!

Advance Pump & Equipment, Inc., Peosta IA - - KEYNOTE | WELCOME
Altorfer Inc.,
Cedar Rapids, IA - - INTERNET ACCESS
Cam Spray,
Cedar Rapids Winpump
Central Sales, Inc.,
Des Moines Winsupply Inc,
Headwater Wholesale, 
Housby Heavy Equipment,
Indianola Precast LLC,
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Moorman Construction, Inc.
Municipal Supply | Midwest Pipe Supply - | - FULL SCHOLARSHIP AND AUCTION
Premier Tech Water and Environment, Quakertown PA - - PLATINUM PLUS
Rexco Equipment,
Swales Precast, Inc.,
Wastewater Supply
, Riverside IA - - LANYARDS
Waterloo Biofilter Systems, Inc.,
Guelph, ON Canada - - PLATINUM PLUS
Wieser Precast Steps,
Stewartville MN - - AUCTION
Ziegler CAT,

The exhibit hall will be open throughout the conference for viewing state-of-the-art technology and learning from knowledgeable company representatives.   A wide range of activities are planned in the exhibit hall including the Wednesday night “President’s Reception.”   Great opportunities to meet and visit with attendees.   You have the option to sign-up for the Wednesday morning opening vendor product showcase.  A slide show also runs continually during the conference highlighting the conference exhibitors and sponsors.   Select "Exhibit Contract" to open the 2023 contract.  Or email and request the exhibit contract!

Advance Pump & Equipment, Inc.,
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Advanced Drainage Systems, Hillard OH -
Allied Systems, Inc., Des Moines IA -
Ashland Pump, Ashland OH -
Cam Spray, Iowa Falls IA -
Capital City Equipment Company, Des Moines, IA -
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Concrete Sealants, Inc., Tipp City OH - 
Contractor Solutions, Des Moines IA -
Crust Busters, Monticello MN -
Des Moines Area Community College, Ankeny IA -
Des Moines Winsupply Inc., Des Moines IA -
Eljen Corp., Windsor CT -
Headwater Wholesale, Waterloo IA -
Imperial Industries, Inc.,
Rothschild WI -
Indianola Precast LLC, Indianola IA -
Infiltrator Water Technologies, Old Saybrook CT -
Iowa Pump Works, Ankeny IA -
Iowa Step and Tank, Toledo IA -
Kahn Tile Supply LLC, New Hampton IA -
Mid-Tech Services, Inc., New Hampton IA -
Municipal Supply | Midwest Pipe Supply - |
National Vacuum Equipment -
Orenco Systems, Inc., Sutherlin OR - 
Polylok, Wallingford CT -
Premier Tech Water and Environment, Quakertown PA -
Prinsco, Willmar MN -
Rexco Equipment, Cedar Rapids, IA -
Roth North America, Syracuse NY -
T.G. Rankin Company, Chesterfield MO -
TG Technical Service
s, Lee's Summit MO -
Wastewater Supply, Riverside IA -
Waterloo Biofilter Systems, Inc., Guelph ON Canada -
Wieser Concrete - Maiden Rock WI -
Wieser Precast Steps, Stewartville MN -
Ziegler CAT, Altoona IA -


The Annual Business Meeting of the Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association (IOWWA) will be held at 12:100 pm on January 11, 2024, at the Doubletree by Hilton Cedar Rapids Convention Complex, 350 First Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids IA.   Prior annual business minutes are posted in the below "Documents & Files" section.