IOWWA Conference

23rd IOWWA CONFERENCE - JANUARY 12 - 13, 2022 (Pre-Conference, January 11, 2022)
Hy-Vee Hall | Iowa Events Center | Des Moines IA

Plans are now underway for the 23rd IOWWA conference!   The exhibit hall will be open throughout the conference to see state-of-the art technology and learn from knowledgeable manufacturing representatives.

If you are interested in serving on the IOWWA Board of Directors, please submit a brief bio about yourself to and what you consider the primary reason for your decision to serve the association.  Board members serve three (3) year terms.

HY-VEE HALL | IOWA EVENTS CENTER  - 730 Third Street, Des Moines IA.   Parking is available north of the Iowa Events Center with entrances off the following streets: 3rd, 5th, and Crocker. IEC surface lots offer the closest and most convenient access to the facility, and easy access to I-235 and other major routes after the event. ADA-accessible parking is available at the IEC by entering the lot south of Crocker Street, next to Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center.   COST: $10 for cars and trucks, $20 for large trucks (duallys and snow blades) and $40 for RVs/busses. NOTE: There is no overnight parking available here; Vehicles left overnight will be towed.     The closest skywalk connected city parking garage at 555 5th Ave (5th and Keo) is $10 per day and $1 per hour.

CONFERENCE LODGING: Hilton Des Moines Downtown, 433 Park Street, Des Moines IA.   Make your reservation now by calling 515-241-1456 and ask for the Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association room block.  For online reservations, use Group Code IOWW.   One king bed or two queen beds, $143.00/night plus taxes. Room block drops after December 18th.  The Hilton is part of the Des Moines Skywalk system and the only hotel directly connected to the Iowa Events Center.  Online linkHilton Des Moines Downtown
Parking:  There is self-parking at $18.00/night for those reserving a room,  The closest skywalk connected city parking garage at 555 5th Ave (5th and Keo) is $10 per day and $1 per hour.

Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (CIOWTS) Credential Test
: Check-in 1:00 PM; Instructions 1:15 PM: Test will start promptly at 1:30 PM
Exam Proctor: Trevor Dickerson, Ground N Down LLC

Submit the CIOWTS Test Application to IOWWA prior to December 10, 2021.  The test application can be downloaded at or email to request the CIOWTS test application.    Counties in Iowa that require the CIOWTS credential use the Basic Level, not the Advanced.   You are able to pay the test fee online, however the application is not available online and must be submitted separately.

Basic Level Test: 75 multiple choice questions, 2-hour completion time.
Member fee: $125/Non-member $150
Advanced Level Test: 125 multiple choice questions, 3-hour completion time.
Member fee: $140/Non-member fee $170

IDPH Plumbing Approved Sessions
Session Presenter: 
Jack Cooper, The CEU Authority

Plumbing Discipline: Safety - 2.0 CE hours | Check-in 7:30 AM; Session 8:00 - 10:00 AM
Plumbing Discipline: Plumbing Code - 2.0 CE hours | Check-in 10:15 AM; Session 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Light lunch provided)
Plumbing Discipline: Plumbing - 4.0 CE hours
Must attend BOTH Plumbing Code and Plumbing code for CE hours.   

NOTE:  Safety is not approved for the CIOWTS Credential or IDNR Time of Transfer.  Plumbing Code and Plumbing Disciplines are approved for 6.0 CE hours for the CIOWTS Installer Credential.  Plumbing sessions are NOT approved for the IDNR Time of Transfer inspectors.

Great topics and speakers!   Come celebrate 23 years of moving the industry forward to share information and learn together! 

** Session Presenter - Paul Albritton, Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)
Title:  Trenching and Excavation Safety
This session will focus on the applicable OSHA Standards to work safely in trenches and excavations as they relate to common hazards and tasks that are faced in the field. We will explore the factors that determine when to use a protective system and other factors that influence working safely in trenches. 

** Session Presenters -  Kelly Amador, Black Hawk County Public Health; Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Environmental Health; and Ted Trewin, Dallas County Environmental Health
Title: Sanitarian Roundtable
, Facilitator - Cory Frank, IDNR
This roundtable will give you an opportunity to “Ask a Sanitarian” a question!  Registration packets will have an “Ask a Sanitarian” a question card you can complete and submit with your questions prior to or during the roundtable session.  This session will focus on questions and topics you want to discuss. Whether it is permitting, permit fees, paperwork, contractor issues and how to handle them, the CIOWTS credential, mapping a septic system and who should do the map, or whatever questions you have.
Session Presenters - Colin Bishop, Anua - Platinum Plus Sponsor
Title:  A to Z Treatment Options to Solve Any Challenge
One-size-does-not-fit-all! Learn about the various options for tackling wastewater treatment for different project applications.  
Title: The Past 100 Years and Future of Onsite Resource Water
The history of effluent treatment on-site prior to the 1950s provides an interesting window into what could work and what might be sustainable for individual homes and small communities into the future. In 1894, George E. Waring, Jr. stated, "It has hitherto been – and, in fact, still is – the practice of the world to consider its wastes satisfactorily disposed of when they are hidden from sight. In spite of an almost universal outcry about sewer-gas, filth diseases and infective germs, the great mass, even those who join in the cry, pay little heed to defects in the conditions under which they are living so long as they are not reminded by their eyes or their noses that their offscourings are still lurking near them." Early references show much thought and consideration about flow control, filtration, aerobic treatment, shallow soil dispersal, various loading rates, high strength waste treatment and maintenance. The relationship between disease-causing organisms and proper handling of sewage were understood and will be explored. Furthermore, infrastructure independence and sustainable practices, such as water and nutrient recycling, will be discussed.
Title: Traditions and Historic Practices vs. Science: Shifting to a Risk-Based Model for Onsite
Current onsite practices and regulations are a mix of traditions coupled with 100 year old best guess science.  Understanding of the “onsite microbiome” has increased dramatically over the past two decades.  New science coupled with existing and emerging technologies are poised to solve this century’s water challenges.  A new forward-thinking framework based on addressing risks will provide flexibility and accountability for local regulators and practitioners.  The framework will facilitate implementation of sustainable full water reuse with little “new” water required.
** Session Presenter - Allison Blodig, REHS, Engineered Systems Specialist
TitleUnderstanding RV’s and Their Wastewater Stream 
RV parks produce a unique high strength wastewater stream with water conservation playing a large part in producing the concentrated wastewater. This presentation reviews the makeup of the RV and the wastewater produced and what it takes to break it down for dispersal. 
Title:  Fact vs Fiction: The Top Ten Septic Myths
Over the years our industry, like many others, has perpetuated myths.  As an industry it is important that we share correct information. This interactive presentation will go through some of the more common myths and put them up against known science and facts/research.  
TitleInvestigating Malfunctioning Onsite Systems
Many failures are caused by simple things that get repaired quickly: surface drainage, a leaky fixture, or other easily identifiable issues. This presentation will look at some not-so-easy malfunctions and offer some insight and different strategies to help you identify solutions and be able to deal with these tense situations.

** Session Presenter - Ben Booth, Iowa One Call
Title: Excavation Safety Awareness
This session will review safe excavating and damage prevention.  Ben will also review the Iowa One Call requirements.

** Session Presenters - Trevor Dickerson, Ground N Down LLC; Dan Kramer, Johnson Co. Public Health; and Jason Laing, Laing Wastewater Maintenance
: Shared Septic Systems: Six Years Later
Whether it is site limitations, zoning ordinances, or whatever other challenges may limit the installation of individual private on-site wastewater treatment systems, shared systems may provide viable solutions.  This session will provide an overview from different perspectives of dealing with shared systems. Design considerations will include preliminary planning, design alternatives, and management considerations.  Local Public Health will discuss the permitting, tracking, as well as, how to deal with time of transfer inspections and maintenance requirements.  Contractor and service provider will discuss installation challenges, time of transfer inspections, as well as annual maintenance and management for shared systems.
** Session Presenter - Cory Frank, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Title: TBD

** Session Presenter - Claude Goguen, National Precast Concrete Association
Title: Best Practices for Installing Risers on Precast Concrete Septic Tanks
When using the proper riser system on a precast concrete wastewater structure and installing it with appropriate sealants and connections, it should provide a long lasting, watertight, safe and dependable method for inspection and maintenance.  During this presentation, we will examine best practices for riser installation.     We will discuss how to properly retrofit risers to existing concrete tanks.  We will also discuss other useful tips to avoid riser related issues.
Title: Troubleshooting Precast Concrete Septic Tanks
Precast concrete wastewater structures can provide a long service life while being strong, durable, and watertight.  When issues come up, it can be challenging to know where to start. 
During this session, we'll discuss how to diagnose the issue, fix it, and most importantly, prevent it from happening again.  We will examine issues related to water tightness, durability and functionality.   Great information for manufacturers, installers, inspectors, and designers of septic systems.

Session Presenter - Sam Lines, Concrete Sealants, Inc.
Title 1:  Microbially Induced Corrosion in Concrete Tanks
Hydrogen sulfide gas in a septic tank is a nuisance and a health hazard. Bacteria above the liquid converts the gas into acid, causing spotty corrosion of concrete. Research over the past decade has provided information that is leading to modifications that reduce the gas in tanks. After attending this presentation, you will know how to mitigate the exposure to the gas and stop the acid that damages the tank. 
Title 2Watertight Precast Concrete Tanks
From joints to walls, the need for holding water in an assembled concrete structure is an increasingly necessary task. Infiltration can overload the system, and exfiltration may cause contamination of soils. In this presentation you will learn about the differences between watertight and dampproof. Joints are often thought of as a concern for water passage; concrete is a porous material and can contribute to seepage as well.

Session Presenter - Larry Oxenham, Senior Advisor, American Society for Asset Protection (ASAP)
Title:  Protect Your Business and Assets
This session teaches proven and effective strategies to achieving financial peace of mind by learning how to properly structure your assets so you become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and eliminate all estate taxes.

** Session Presenter - Katie and Troy Resor, R & R Septic Solutions (pictured) and Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Environmental Health
Title:  The Job's Not Over 'Til the Paperwork is Done
Detailed documentation can save you time, money and headaches down the road.  For contractors we will talk about tips to improve your time of transfer inspections, invoicing, contracts and maintenance reports.  We won't forget inspectors either!  We'll touch on ways to enhance your permits, mapping and filing procedures.

** Session Presenters - Katie and Troy Resor, R & R Septic Solutions and Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Environmental Health (pictured)
Title:  Installation of Septic Systems with Maintenance in Mind 
Investing a small amount of time upfront during the installation can save wasted time and money down the road. It will also eliminate the headaches that you and the service provider will have to deal with. This session will cover small, quick, inexpensive changes to plumbing, electrical and hardware used at the time of installation that will make your life easier later on.  Sampling issues for alternative systems will also be discussed.

** Session Presenters - Officer Kyle Rich, Iowa Department of Transportation and Rick Miene, Miene Septic Service
Title:  Iowa Motor Vehicle Enforcement, CDL’s and Pre-trip Inspections 
This session will cover the information on the Iowa Department of Transportation's enforcement on CDL's and pre trip inspections.

**Session Presenters: Jeremy Stolba, Dylan Jacobs, James “Doc” Joyce, and Andrew Frank, Dave Schmitt Construction; Josh Snyder, Contractor’s Solutions (Exhibit Hall)
Title: Confined Space Entry
Explains equipment used, inspection, and setup of equipment. Procedures for filling out confined space permit; properly fitting harnesses; monitoring condition of confined space as well as entrance and exit of space.   This session will be held at the Contractor's Solutions booth in the Exhibit Hall.

** Session Presenters - Wayne Vanden Berge, Advanced Pump & Equipment and
Rick Miene, Miene Septic Service
Title: Septic Pumping
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Set-up:  Tuesday, Jan. 11 – 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Loading dock is located on the West side of Hy-Vee Hall, entrance on Center Street.
Tear Down:   Thursday, Jan. 13 after 12:30 PM until 5:00 PM

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ANUA, Greensboro NC - 
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., Tipp City OH -
POLYLOK, Wallingford CT -
T.G. RANKIN COMPANY, Chesterfield MO -
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Notice:  The Annual Business Meeting of the Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association (IOWWA) will be held at 12:15 pm on January 13, 2022 at the Hy-Vee Hall | Iowa Events Center | 730 Third Ave., Des Moines IA.  Prior Annual Business Meeting minutes can be downloaded in the below  "Documents & Files" section.