IOWWA Conference

IOWWA 26th Annual Conference
Hy-Vee Hall, Iowa Events Center
730 Third Street Des Moines IA
January 8-9, 2025 (Pre-conference - January 7, 2025)

KEYNOTE SPEAKER and Session PresenterAllison Blodig, REHS
Title:  Building a Business You Can Live On and Pass On
When building a business, it’s important to work and bid jobs so they support all of your expenses, put food on the table, and don't leave you struggling at the end of a job to finish correctly. The answer is educating yourself how to run a successful business and educating and training workers to meet the needs of current and future needs of a changing industry.  Also, some day you will want to retire and selling a well-run business or passing it on in your family can be part of your retirement nest egg, but it takes planning as well.   This interactive talk will look at some of the common challenges you may face in living off your business, what the future looks like, and how IOWWA and NOWRA are working to provide free training on better business practices as a new benefit to our members.
Session Title: Characterizing Commercial & High Strength Wastewater
Determining the influent BOD for high strength applications is difficult but critical for long term performance. This presentation will discuss how to gather facility information to help flush out BOD expectations. The presentation is based on known facility practices and the presenter’s experience in design and troubleshooting.
Presenter:  Ben Booth, Iowa One Call
Title: Iowa One Call
This session will review safe excavating and damage prevention.  Ben will also review the Iowa One Call requirements.
Session Presenter: Cory Frank, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
TitleWhat is Going On?  Private Onsite Systems- A DNR Story
This session will explore the current "hot topics" with the State of Iowa related to private septic systems and the oversight by both State and local programs.  Current challenges and solutions will be discussed in an open forum.  Also, the journey the DNR is on related to the upcoming Chapters' 68 and 69, IAC 567 will be explored.
Session Presenter:  Claude Goguen, National Precast Concrete Association
Title: Precast Concrete Tanks Design 
Precast concrete tanks are used in multiple applications in onsite wastewater treatment including septic tanks, grease interceptors, pump tanks and secondary treatment tanks. During this session, we will discuss designing for the tank function, as well as external conditions. We will also examine how we can design multiple function tanks.
Session PresenterDr. Sara Heger, University of Minnesota
Title: Separation Distance After Advanced Pretreatment
Content: The separation distance from a limiting condition such as bedrock or a water table has typically been based on the potential number of bacteria and viruses present in septic effluent. This presentation will discuss the research related to how much separation is needed after effluent has undergone advanced pretreatment in an aerobic treatment unit or media filter. The
research supports reducing the typical separation required due to the significant reduction in
disease causing organisms.
Title: Design and Management Considerations for Septic Systems Serving Vacation Home Rentals
Content: US short-term rental supply hit record highs in 2022. That means more of your customers may be renting out their vacation homes either part time or full time. Vacation home rental can create numerous resulting in more frequent maintenance and management. Unaware property owners could irreparably damage their system if these issues are not addressed. The first concern is an overall increased hydraulic loading. The second concern is peak loading of water and cleaning products. The third concern is having renters who do not understand how septic systems work and the limitations and rules around proper use. On the design side increasing design flows, incorporating time dosing and upsizing components are all items to address with new systems. On the management and maintenance side of things rental properties that are heavily used should have more frequent service visits. These visits can help alert owners of system abuse and needed maintenance before serious problems arise. On conventional systems annual service visits to measure the accumulation of sludge and scum is advisable along with an evaluation of overall system performance. Advanced treatment systems may also need increased maintenance.
Title: Evaluating Septage and Septic Tank Performance with Bioaugmentation at Rest Areas
Content: With support from the Minnesota Department of Transportation the University of Minnesota has collected and analyzed the septage pumped out of rest area septic tanks. Due to the predominance of toilet flushing it is assumed that this septage is higher in concentration in many contaminants than typical residential septage. Data from thirty systems has been analyzed for organic content (BOD, COD, FOG), nutrients (ammonia, TKN, and phosphorus), along with selected metals and at five sites PFAS were also tested. This data will help assist maintainers of commercial systems in maintaining similar commercial systems and potentially impact rates for land application or inform WWTP accepting septage. At one of these rest areas, a bioaugmentation product is being tested to determine if can positively impact sludge production and downstream treatment of a commercial aerobic treatment unit. Data will be presented on the wastewater effluent from the septic tank and after the aerobic tank along with sludge and scum measurements from the system.
Title: Challenging Wastewater Streams
Content: More septic systems are being negatively impacted by the use and disposal of varying
chemicals, cleaners, medicines, and anti-bacterial products. This presentation will discuss
challenges related to RV parks, convenience stores, breweries/distilleries, salons, dog
grooming, medications in-home health care, and others. Data from related studies will be
included and potential solutions offered.
Session Presenter:  Dr. Amber Anderson, Iowa State University
Title: Soil Texture and Redox Features
This interactive session will give attendee a chance to submit photo or bring in soil samples for discussion.  Dr. Anderson will discuss identification of major soil properties and what those features can communicate about soil function for wastewater use. In this session, she plans to cover texture, color and unusual features. Have your questions, samples and photos ready.
Session Presenter: Kyle Dieroft, Premier Tech and Environment, PLATINUM PLUS SPONSOR
TitleThe Advantages and Performance of Pressurized UV Systems
Premier Tech's, Rewatec UV disinfection unit is a septic system that uses UV light to remove bacteria and pathogens found in wastewater. As this allows for direct discharge into streams or ditches, the Rewatec UV disinfection unit is highly valuable on sites that don’t have the space for a conventional drain field. It also pairs seamlessly as an integrated option with the Ecoflo compact biofilter.
Session Presenters:  Sgt. Job Huisman, IA DOT and Rick Miene, Miene Septic Service
 Iowa DOT - Motor Vehicle Enforcement Safety
This session will cover the information on the Iowa Department of Transportation's enforcement on CDL's and pre trip inspections.
Session Presenter:  Sam Lines, MBA, Concrete Sealants, Inc.
Title: Microbially Induced Corrosion In Concrete Tanks
Hydrogen sulfide gas in a septic tank is a nuisance and a health hazard. Bacteria above the liquid converts the gas into acid, causing spotty corrosion of concrete. Research over the past decade has provided information that is leading to modifications that reduce the gas in tanks. After attending this presentation, you will know how to mitigate the exposure to the gas and stop the acid that damages the tank.
TitleWatertight Precast – From Walls to Joints to Risers
Concrete is a porous building material. Liquids and gas will absorb into the material, and in some cases, seep through. Precast concrete is installed in sections with joints. These joints need to be leak resistant. This course will describe and demonstrate products to improve the watertightness of concrete.
Presenters:  Jeff Sherman, Floyd County Environmental Health, and Troy Resor, R & R Septic Solutions.  Facilitator - Amber Meixner, Fairfield Precast Concrete
Title: Contractor and Regulator RoundTable 
Content: You will have an opportunity to submit an "Ask a Contractor/Sanitarian" question card. Registration packets will have a card you can complete and submit for discussion during this roundtable session. This session will focus on questions and topics you want to discuss.  Whether it is permitting, permit fees, paperwork, contractor issues, CIOWTS credential, mapping a septic system, installation, get answers at this session.
Session PresentersRick Miene, Miene Septic Service, Jeff Sherman, Floyd Co Environmental Health and Wayne Vanden Berg, Advance Pump & Equipment
Title: Tips, Tricks, and Requirements for Septic Pumping
This session will be an open forum in the exhibit hall, walking around equipment and discussing equipment needs, PPE, and ways to improve operations as well as state and county requirements for pump trucks.

Presenters: Katie Resor, R & R Septic Solutions
Title: "What Do You Mean I Can't Flush It Down....But It Fits"
Homeowner education is a key component in the success or failure of residential wastewater treatment. Having a candid conversation about what goes down the drain can prolong the life of a septic system, provide better treatment of wastewater, and reduce repair expenses.

Presenters: Jeremy Stolba, James “Doc” Joyce and Andrew Frank, Dave Schmitt Construction
Title: Trench Box
ContentThis session will explain the equipment used, inspection, and setup of equipment.  We'll also cover the procedure of filling out the confined space permit. Discussion will also include properly fitting harnesses, monitoring condition of confined space, entrance and exit of space.

Session Presenter: Dennis Hallahan, P.E., Infiltrator Water Technologies
Title: The Top 10 Myths of Onsite
Content: The myths seem to abound in the onsite industry more so than any other. This presentation will discuss various myths and then discuss the facts and science to address the common misconceptions. This will allow the decentralized industry to have a more professional stance and raise the level of the industry. For example we often hear: “Those septic systems fail”, well what is the rate of centralized system failures? What is the expected design life and if a system reaches its design life does that constitute a failure? Or the myth regarding system start up: does one need to “start-up” their septic system with a dead chicken or any other foreign substance? or does a distribution pipe or a d-box yield equal distribution?... These are some of the myths that will be addressed.
Title: System Drainfield Malfunction: Causes, Investigation, Prevention, and Correction
The lifespan of an onsite wastewater treatment system drainfield is influenced by numerous factors, including siting, vertical separation distance, maintenance, wastewater flow volume, septic tank volume, as well as other factors. The presentation will review methodologies to diagnose problem site systems. The intention is to have the presentation serve as a learning tool on the potential causes, how to investigate and once the problem is understood then recommending a proper solution. The presentation will review: Malfunction investigation basics, septic tank investigation, function of the tank, drainfield investigation, Biomat, and malfunction issues and examples.

Session Presenter: Cory Lyon, Orenco Systems, Inc., Iowa Water & Waste Systems - PLATINUM PLUS SPONSOR
Title: AdvanTex Media Filters and Building for the Future
The wastewater challenges faced by installers; designers are only increasing. Understanding how current technologies can be used today and in the future is paramount. This presentation will delve into how AdvanTex media filter systems can be adapted to a wide range applications in need ranging from remote off-gride applications to high performance nutrient removal projects, while being sustainable.
Session PresenterScott Moore, Eljen Corp.
Title: The Dirt on Soil
This session is a very basic soil training that includes “What is Soil” and “CLORPT (climate, organisms, parent material, time and topography)”.    These five soil factors affect all the soils on the planet and describe the physical characteristics that have contributed to the development of soils over time.   We’ll cover climate or how soils are formed, the 12 soil orders, soil horizons, structure versus texture, water movement and compaction. 
PresentersMatt Wilshusen, T. G. Rankin Company
Title: Decentralized Scalable Wastewater Solutions
ContentCome join us as we discuss Decentralized Scalable Sewer Systems.  Small communities should have a choice on good economic alternative in wastewater treatment plant decisions – choice in water treatment, and alternative lagoon treatment solutions.  Small scalable sewer (8K to 150K GPD) can be built in phases to manage todays needs and expand in the future when needed.  Decentralized Scalable systems work with the multiple technologies and different scenarios; we will touch base on a few of them.  In our discussions, we will focus on the science of attached growth reactors for open discharge solutions that require UV disinfection systems.  Some states including Iowa have drip systems to disperse wastewater in soil so we will also discuss some of those solutions.   One case study in particular, shows what is possible when economic boom happens and how one community managed their wastewater with decentralized scalable sewer:  the Piperton, TN story… We will also go over the stories of Bevington Iowa, and a small community on the outskirts of Iowa City.

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Advance Pump and Equipment, Cedar Rapids Winpump, Des Moines Winsupply, Indianola Precast, Mack McClain & Associates, Martin Equipment, Municipal Supply, Swales Precast, Wastewater Supply, and Wieser Precast Steps.

2024 ROE-D-HOE CONTEST - Special thanks to Housby Heavy Equipment for sponsoring the Roe-D-Hoe Contest!  A Volvo ECR25 Electric Compact Excavator will be provided by Housby for Roe-D-Hoe contestants.   The first in a new range of electric, compact excavators, this excavator will provide a unique experience for those showing off their skills!
Session Presenters: Todd Kuhnert and Jeff Young, Xylem - Goulds Water Technology
Session Title: Wastewater Pumping Products & Application
Content: The Wastewater session covers wastewater pumps and accessories, including sump, effluent, sewage pumps, panels, basins, switches and fittings. During the session, attendees will receive instruction on sizing, applications and features/benefits, as well as installation and troubleshooting.



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Advance Pump & Equipment, Inc.,
Altorfer, Cedar Rapids IA - PRESIDENT'S RECEPTION
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Rexco Equipment, Inc, Cedar Rapids IA - WELCOME AND KEYNOTE
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Ziegler CAT,

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Advance Pump & Equipment, Inc., Peosta IA- LANYARD SPONSOR
Advanced Drainage Systems, Hillard OH
Allied Systems, Inc, Des Moines IA
Altorfer, Cedar Rapids IA - PRESIDENT'S RECEPTION
Ashland Pump, Ashland OH
Cedar Rapids Winpump, Cedar Rapids IA
Central Sales, Inc, West Des Moines IA
Concrete Sealants, Tipp City OH
Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc, Franklin OH
Contractor Solutions, Altoona IA
Crust Busters, Monticello MN
Dakota Supply Group, Ames IA
Des Moines Area Community College, Des Moines IA
Eljen Corp, Windsor CT
Headwater Wholesale, Waterloo IA - FULL SCHOLARSHIP
Imperial Industries, Rothschild WI
Indianola Precast LLC, Indianola IA
Infiltrator Water Technologies, Old Saybrook CT
Iowa Environmental Health Association, IA
Iowa Pump Works, Ankeny IA
Iowa Step and Tank, Toledo IA
Iowa Water and Waste Systems, Ames, IA - PLATINUM PLUS
Kahn Tile Supply LLC, New Hampton IA
Mack McClain & Associates, Iowa City IA
Martin Equipment, Cedar Rapids IA
Mid-Tech Services Inc, New Hampton IA
Municipal Pipe Tool Company LLC, Hudson IA
Municipal Supply, Des Moines IA
Northwest Electric, Columbus NE
Polylok, Wallyingford CT
Premier Tech Water and Environment, Williamsport PA - PLATINUM PLUS
Prinsco, Spicer MN
Quinn Equipment, Marion IA
Roth North America, Syracuse, NY
T. G. Rankin Co. Inc, Chesterfield MO
Wastewater Supply, Swisher IA - POPCORN REFRESHMENT
Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc, Guelph ON
Wieser Concrete, Maiden Rock WI
Wieser Precast Steps, La Crescent MN
Xylem/Goulds Water Technology, Des Moines IA

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Set-Up: Tuesday, Jan. 9 
Large Equipment move-in: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  You will be contacted for your assigned move-in time.   General Exhibitors: 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM
Arena Open:
Wednesday, Jan. 10. 
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Tear-down: Thursday, Jan. 11. 
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The Annual Business Meeting of the Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association (IOWWA) will be held at 12:10 pm on January 11, 2024, at the Doubletree by Hilton Cedar Rapids Convention Complex, 350 First Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids IA.   Prior annual business minutes are posted in the below "Documents & Files" section.