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We invite you to JOIN IOWWA (or renew your membership).   Membership is yearly (date joined to year end).  Join now and your membership will expire on December 31, 2023.  Membership dues must be renewed annually.    To check your membership status, please enter your zip code in the member search.   If a member, your membership year expiration date will be shown along with your membership ID number.     

Membership options:  The IOWWA membership structure is designed to accommodate companies and government entities of any size. 

One active person:  If one person is active then the “One Primary Active Staff Person” membership at $110.00 is the best choice.    

Multiple active persons: Companies with numerous active individuals will benefit from the "Multiple Active Staff Personsmembership.   For this membership, there is one (1) primary person ($140.00).  The Primary member will receive the newsletter and NOWRA membership.  An unlimited number of additional staff can join for $70.00/each.   Some association activities have both member and non-member fees.

Since inception in 1999, the Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association (IOWWA) works to educate its members and public about the benefits of quality onsite wastewater treatment. IOWWA is one of the largest state organizations in the country focused on the onsite wastewater industry. Our members number more than 400 and include regulators, installation contractors, maintenance contractors, soil scientists, engineers, manufacturers and educators. These people join to make IOWWA a diverse and well-balanced organization.

IOWWA's main goal is to expand on industry-wide education. The primary means is by supporting training workshops across the state. Workshops are held several times per year and cover subjects including site evaluation, system design, and system installation. IOWWA provides other educational opportunities by publishing our quarterly newsletter and by hosting an annual conference. The two-day annual conference features seminars by nationally recognized experts, peer discussions, networking opportunities, and exhibits featuring the latest technologies and services.

Membership in IOWWA supports the IOWWA Scholarship program.    Also, your paid dues include membership in NOWRA for the "Primary" IOWWA member.   The primary member will receive all the benefits of NOWRA including a subscription to the “Onsite Journal” and the quarterly NOWRA newsletter.  

IOWWA grows stronger with new and renewed memberships. You are invited to join IOWWA as we work to learn and share knowledge in our industry.   Please accept our invitation by completing the membership application form posted at this site. You can also contact Matt Vinsand, IOWWA Executive Director at 515-225-1051 (voice message only) or by email,

IOWWA Policy
It is the policy of the Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association (IOWWA) that no individual be excluded from any association activity based on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability.

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