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To use this search feature, you can enter a full name, at least 4 letters of the first or last name, or at least 4 letters from the company name.     The results will show all records within the search criteria.  To see the data for only one person, find their name in the list and click on the name.   The results will then show the person selected.     The listing shows IOWWA members as well as non-members.

The list will include continuing education hours as noted in the IOWWA database.    If an event is not listed, please email the Certificate of Attendance showing the event name, sponsoring affiliation, location, date of event and continuing education hours received.

Note: For those with the Iowa DNR Time of Transfer license, refer to the Iowa DNR Operator Certification website to check your Iowa DNR Time of Transfer continuing education hours:

Each 2-year credential requires a minimum of 12.0 hours of continuing education in the onsite wastewater industry.   IOWWA will accept up to 6 CE hours of online training per credential cycle and 2 CE hours per credential cycle for county contractor meetings (even if multiple county contractor meetings are attended). 

 You must know your current credential cycle beginning and renewal expiration dates when checking your continuing education.    Events listed are for 2 years however only those that took place during your current CIOWTS credential cycle will count.

As an example, if your current credential 2-year cycle begins 04/01/2020 and renews on 03/31/2022, only events during these dates count for your current credential CE hours.   Any events listed before April 2020 will NOT count since it is prior to the beginning date of your credential cycle.  For questions, email

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